Wish You Had a Home Office?

If working from home in your kitchen or living room has become too much to bear, give us a call! We can help you figure out a space in your home, a room in your home, or even an addition to your home or stand-alone building on your property to have as your home office. Maybe even a school room too! 

If you have thought about it but aren’t sure where to start – we can help. No matter what type of home office upgrade you want to do, we can begin with you at the beginning to figure it out and get you a parts list so you know exactly what it’s going to cost before you ever hammer a nail. 

Envision a serene, zen like space with copper fixtures and lots of light? We can do that. Maybe instead you want a cozy, old world library atmosphere with a fireplace and brass hardware and wood paneling? We can do that too. We offer cabinetry, widows, doors, flooring – we have it all. And it isn’t in aisles you have to figure out on your own. We have skilled, experienced staff to work with you on budget, look, architectural correctness – the whole nine yards! 

Contact us at https://www.woodmartbuildingcenter.com/contact/ or call us at (217) 223-3791 to start the conversation – tell us what you see in your head, what your budget is, and we will work with you from there and make it happen!