Our People

We're Your People, too

Since 1979, WoodMart Building Center has steadily grown into the area’s premier supplier of quality building materials. Our people are experienced building supply professionals who offer you the latest products, smart advice, and superior service. Talk to us about your ideas … we’re your project partner!

Kevin Vandament - WoodMart Building Center

Kevin Vandament

General Manager / Designer

Eric Bracey - WoodMart Building Center

Eric Bracey

Lumber & Building Materials Specialist / Estimator

Cindy Cook - WoodMart Building Center

Cindy Cook

Building Materials Specialist

Jscott Mills

JScott Mills

Lumber & Building Materials Specialist

Jeff Shields - WoodMart Building Center

Jeff Shields

Kitchen & Bath Designer

Tim OBrien - WoodMart Building Supply in Quincy, IL


Contractor Sales

Paul Dinkheller

Paul Dinkheller

Lumber & building materials specialist

Kristie Arrowsmith

Kristie Arrowsmith

Lumber & building materials specialist


It all starts with a conversation, so let’s talk! How can we help you? Email us here with your questions and we’ll get right back to you. Or call us at (217) 223-3791 and we’ll arrange a good time to meet!