Is the End of Gray on the Horizon?

For quite a few years now, gray has been the dominant color palette for trendy homes. Contrasted with bright white and complemented with the spectrum of grays, people are getting tired of the chill that comes from such a cold color palette in their homes. The trial of COVID has made us long for a more nurturing environment where we live and sometimes work. Not to mention the fact that you are seeing so much gray in public spaces as well, people are burnt out on the color and looking for change. 

For 2021 and the next few years, color is coming back to our life. People are searching for more warmth in their color choices that will lead to a greater feeling of coziness. It will be common to see warm neutral paints and finishes with pops of color from rugs, pillows, art and more. The warm neutral paints and finishes will still allow for reselling, letting the new occupants make their own colorful mark on the space, but will be more attractive to the more trendy who know that gray is over and a warm environment is in. 

Check out these popular colors and consider them in your home:

If you are ready to leave the gray trend behind and can’t do it because you have gray flooring, cabinets or tile in your home, call us at Woodmart! We can help you bring your home into 2021 with warm colors for all the fixtures and flooring in your home!