Trends in Decking, Railing and Fencing 2022

Spring is just around the corner! What will be your first project outside? A new deck? A new fence? Wood Mart wants to be your project partner! Here are some 2022 trends for decks and fences:


  • Multi-level decks – people are wanting more visual appeal from their deck than a large flat plane. Varied levels create enclaves for a seating group, a cooking area, or a fire pit. Multi-levels take your deck from boring to a true outdoor living area. 
  • Low-Maintenance decking and fencing – it’s a lot of work to paint fencing or treat decking every few years. There are options now for low or no maintenance materials for your fence or deck. From metal to vinyl or composite, these options are more environmentally sustainable and keep their looks for far longer than standard wood products. 
  • Railings – railings are being upgraded to much more than contractor grade. Mixed materials, complex design, and contrasting colors are very hot right now. 
  • Pergolas – a shady spot on one of the levels of your deck is relaxing and serene. Pergolas are trendy and extremely useful. Built to compliment your complex railings, with mixed materials and cool colors – an oasis of shade and quiet is possible with a gorgeous pergola. 
  • Lighting – LED lighting is infinitely customizable in color, warmth, and brightness. LED is cheap to use, flexible in application, and can be hidden under railings and below decks. Create the mood with creative and inexpensive LED lighting! 


Whatever your spring project is, small or large, big-budget or small – we want to help you from planning to execution. Call us to get your project pre-planning started, we want to be your project partner!