Small Kitchen Design

So you have a small kitchen and want to make the most of it. You have a couple of things working in your favor – if you have a larger budget for a smaller space, you will be able to afford premium fixtures and finishes and, we can help you maximize your small space so that it functions as highly as possible for its dimensions. 


Here are a few tips for designing a small kitchen to maximize space and help it look as spacious as possible:


  • Keep your colors light – if you want your kitchen to appear as spacious as possible, keep your colors light and use glossy finishes as much as possible. Get the light moving too – if you have a window, don’t put curtains on it, allow the light full access to bounce off reflective surfaces, and make the space appear bright, clean, and open. 
  • Use the corners – corners have a tendency to be dead space. There is a ton of room there that you will have to use inventive cabinetry or shelving to utilize as storage space. A small kitchen will need to maximize storage and organization, and the corners under the counter, over the counter, and in pantries have to be used to their fullest potential. 
  • Invest in flexible storage – your refrigerator has shelves that will adjust to the height of the items to want to keep cold. Your cabinets, in a small kitchen, should do the same. These days we tend to have a lot of kitchen gadgets and small appliances, and that is ok. We just need to make sure the larger items will fit in our cabinetry so they aren’t cluttering the counters. 
  • Speaking of clutter – don’t do it. It’s hard when you have a busy lifestyle to keep your kitchen immaculate, but fighting clutter is your primary battle in a small kitchen. When initially designing, make sure you have a place for everything. And when using the kitchen – don’t put things down, put them away. 
  • Speaking further on clutter – for those things that have to live on the counter, make them beautiful and part of the overall design. 
  • Call us – we can help you make the most of that small space. We design kitchens here at Wood Mart with you, making your vision come to life.