Insulated Doors and Windows

With cold weather quickly approaching, some homeowners may find themselves fighting the cold when wintery temperatures draft in from under doors and around windows. These drafts aren’t only annoying, but could cause a significant increase in your winter energy bill. New, replacement doors and windows protect against drafts and offer other additional advantages to homeowners.

Let’s take a look at the power of insulated doors and windows.


Insulating or weather-proofing doors and windows doesn’t always necessarily mean replacing them. However, replacement windows especially are a huge selling factor for potential home buyers. Commonly referred to as a project with the sixth highest return on investment, replacement windows often turn out to be well worth the money and investment. Homeowners looking to sell their home soon would be wise to weigh the cost of replacements against the average selling price of homes in the area. If the project proves to be within a reasonable expense, new windows can even potentially help sell the home faster.

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Both new exterior doors and windows have the potential to add energy efficiency to your home. Like we mentioned earlier, old or drafty doors or windows could be the reason behind unusually high energy bills. Cracks or gaps allow cold weather to go in while the heat from your home goes out. Your heating unit won’t have to work as hard to keep your home warm, decreasing the amount of energy used to do so.

Some exterior door materials, like wood, are naturally more insulative. Other door choices, like fiberglass and steel, can be properly sealed or insulated to provide energy saving options. As long as the material type is paired with the correct installation process, you can expect energy savings all winter long.

Energy efficient doors and windows alone aren’t enough to fully protect your home from the cold. Proper installation and insulation are required to ensure your windows and doors are truly energy efficient. Make sure to choose a business you trust to install your new investments.


Snow, ice, and water pose external threats to old and outdated doors and windows. Do you notice frost build up around your window frames? Maybe water under your door when snow starts to melt? Many doors and windows are manufactured to be weather resistant with double panes, triple panes, UV protection, and higher quality materials. Not to mention the benefit of extreme temperature protection.

By combining proper installation, weather-proof sealants, and superior quality doors and windows, your home will be protected against harsh winter weather conditions this season. WoodMart specialists are experts at helping customers choose doors and windows that are high-quality, match their style, and offer added security. Browse our extensive inventory to find options that look great and work for your home.

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