Farmhouse Style, In a Nutshell.

Farmhouse style is not new. It’s an evolution of the country style of the 80’s, the rustic style of the 90’s, and the later country primitive style. Overall the general mission statement of the design style is cozy and comfortable. It does NOT mean cow print, roosters or sunflowers. Today farmhouse is more sleek and minimalist with color but more elaborate with design with turned or bent legs on tables and chairs, elaborate barn doors with tracks, and plenty of texture on fabrics and wall finishes.

Match your colors, but clash your patterns is a good rule of thumb for the farmhouse style. Checks mixed with florals, stripes and polka dots will work as long and they share the same color palette. Cotton, damask and velvet all live together in perfect harmony, united by color. 

Muted color palettes are currently the trend in farmhouse style for interiors. Nothing too brightly contrasting like black and white, but black and cream tone it down enough to fall into the cozy category. No jewel tones, but more washed out colors and no more than three colors total, with two being ideal. 

Hardware can be any color, but is typically brushed or matte in finish. A farmhouse sink would be the crowning glory of any farmhouse style home, and versions are available in various materials but you’ll want to keep it in the colors you have chosen. 

Give Woodmart a call if you are looking at a design change on your home. We can help you choose the perfect flooring, cabinetry, wall finishes and hardware to get you to farmhouse nirvana.