10 Budget Home Improvement Ideas

Remodeling a home can be expensive. But sometimes just a few changes can make your home feel refreshed and renewed. If you’re on a budget but want to improve your home’s value and appearance here are some ideas for you:


  • Replace light fixtures – replacement light fixtures can cost a little or a lot but if your home has dated ceiling lights or fixtures that just aren’t attractive, spending a little here could make a big difference. You can take it room by room to spend as you have the extra money, and buy fixtures that are modern and match your decor style. This goes for ceiling fans too!


  • Paint your exterior doors – if your outside doors are looking a little roughed up, give them a makeover with a glossy, gorgeous color that either blends with your exterior colors or pops out from them and creates gorgeous contrast. Don’t forget to paint the exterior door trim while you are at it!

  • Organization – nothing sparks joy like organized and orderly shelves, cabinets, closets, and drawers. It saves time in the day-to-day and really makes your home feel tidy and put together. There are products specifically created to organize any area of your home, or you can get creative with flea market finds. Use your imagination and make your home super organized!

  • Paint your walls – nothing makes a home feel more updated and fresh than a new coat of interior paint. If your walls are in good shape, coat the ceiling in a happy, complementing color and feel the good vibes. Check the sales, or ask for rejected colors at the store to really save money. 


  • Wallpaper and accent wall – wallpaper can be pricey, especially the ones that are the most gorgeous (of course) but you may find a sale or a scrap that would just fit a little nook or wall and make the feel of your room luxurious and artistic. Keep measurements of the walls you would like to paper so you know exactly how much you need and keep an eye out for that perfect pattern.


  • DIY Backsplash – if your kitchen is just ok, maybe a little boring, a new backsplash could bring it up to snuff. Tile options are limitless, beautiful, and easy to apply with a few tutorials on Youtube. The small area of a backsplash will keep the cost low, but the visual effects are high. 


  • Landscaping – beautiful landscaping makes your home inviting. Landscaping is expensive, but it is possible to develop a landscape plan using free apps and take it bit by bit as you can afford it. Do some deep research and find the plants that are native and they will be easier to care for. 


  • Pressure Wash – pressure washers can be had for less than $100 or they can be rented. Washing down your exterior walls, decking, driveway, and walkways can immediately make your home look fresh and sparkly. 


  • Replace cabinet hardware – this goes for kitchen and bath! Take off a piece of your hardware to take with you when shopping for replacements so you match the hole placement and let your imagination run wild. If replacements aren’t in the budget, give them a coat of spray paint and they will look new again. Just make sure you give them a good scrub beforehand. 


  • Have your carpets cleaned – if you have carpet in your home and have kids or pets or both – this will always be good advice. Watch for deals and have the professionals come in and deep clean the carpets for a truly clean feeling. It will cut down on allergens and remove any discoloration from traffic or stains.